HyperVisor Code Integrity Readiness Test

==================Update on Dec 19, 2016===========================================

The errata 5792 has been extended. So you can apply this errata filter in Readme.doc file while you submit your submission.

Please check the details of errata 5792.


DTM Filters

Errata, contingency, and auto-triage

HyperVisor Code Integrity (HVCI) Driver Compatibility Errata

Errata detail

Filter id : 5792
Expires : 2/27/2017
Type : Errata
Issue description : Windows compatible drivers shall not dynamically allocate memory that is both executable and writable. In addition, the driver binary must have appropriate section properties, must not have sections that are executable and writable, and must have proper section alignment. This compatibility requirement is necessary for the Windows Device Guard feature. More details are here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windows_hardware_certification/archive/2015/05/22/driver-compatibility-with-device-guard-in-windows-10.aspx.
The job is currently attributed to run on 32bit which it is not applicable for, additionally if the job is expecting to be ran with the system under test connected to a kernel debugger. If running the job without a kernel debugger and the job hits a bluescreen the filter will not work. In these cases its still acceptable to submit but will require the errata to be listed in the readme.
Resolution description : The enforcement of this test has been delayed.
Features :
Operating system : Windows v10.0 Client arm64
Windows v10.0 Client x64
Windows v10.0 Client x64 TH1 Full
Windows v10.0 Client x64 TH2 Full
Windows v10.0 Client x86
Windows v10.0 Client x86 TH1 Full
Windows v10.0 Client x86 TH2 Full

===================================Old Content=======================================

Filter id : 5792
Expires : 9/15/2016
Type : Errata

Any failure in this test is waived until the required date.

This issue described is an acceptable failure. When making a submission with a failed log for this test, refer to this issue with the Errata ID number in the Readme.doc file included with your test submission package.

Please update your HLK filters again. A new update to filter 5792 has been released. Also, please connect a kernel debugger to your system under test, and run the test again.


You will probably find that the kernel debugger catches a bugcheck related to the HyperVisor Code Integrity feature. Once this occurs, disable Driver Verifier (enabled by the test) by entering ‘!verifier -disable’ on the kernel debugger command line, and follow the displayed instructions.

This should allow the test to complete, and the failing result should be filtered to a Pass (by filter 5792, but only until HyperVisor Code Integrity compliance is required in 2016).



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